Custom Features

Final Fantasy XI Unofficial Server

Custom commands:

!ah   you can open the auction house menu everywhere.

!tele-dem    teleport dem spell to every players

!tele-mea    teleport mea spell to every players

!tele-holla    teleport holla spell to every players

!shop     GM Shop with usefull items

!mog     Opens the mog house menu everywhere.

!af3   Custom Shop to buy Empyreal Armor (AF3) nq version.

!af3-2 Custom Shop to buy Empyreal Armor (AF3) nq version (part 2).

Custom Drops

You can find new NM drops here: NM drops


Artifact Armor (AF1)

You can get the AF1 set from: Caruvinda – Lower Jeuno (J-6)


Relic Armor (AF2)

The Relic Armor is obtainable regularry from Dynamis.

You can upgrade to +1 and +2 freely from a custom NPC: Palarillont – Upper Jeuno (H-9)


Empyrean Armor (AF3)

You can buy AF3 from our custom shop, command: !af3  and !af3-2


Sky Abjuration

You can buy the Abjuration from the Sky Gods, alternatively you can buy it from our Custom Shop:  Sweepstox – Lower Jeuno (I-6)



Buffalo Bonanza Milk is a super food. You can buy it from the Custom Shop (!shop). 

It will give

  • +999 to all stats 
  • 1500 HP and MP Boost
  • 500HP/MP /tick Regen and Refresh.
  • 1000 TP Regain
  • Accuracy, Attack, Evasion, Defense Boost.

Duration 2 minutes.


Many other Custom Features are coming.