How to play

Prepare FFXI

To play on FFXI Phantasia Server we need to install the new FFXI client present on Playonline website. Follow step by step all the instructions and you will be able to play. If there are problems try to check the common issue page.

FFXI new client installation

  • Download and install the game
  • Copy patch files
  • Copy xiloader
  • Install Windower
  • Modify or replace settings.xml file
  • Play and have fun

Let see now in the specific

1 – FFXI client installation.

To play FFXI on Phantasia or in the official SquareEnix servers, you need to download and install the NEW client available for free on the Playonline Website.

To speed up the process we attach the download link.

Download The Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition.

After downloaded you can install the game, then go to the next step.

REMEMBER: To be able to play to FFXI you have to install the game with the new installer. If you have an old installation on your pc, probably the game won’t work in the official server too. Uninstall completely the game and reinstall from the new installer downloaded from Square Enix website. This is needed to play in our server and also in the official SquareEnix server.

2 – Update FFXI.

To play (anywhere) you need to update POL and FFXI.

To update POL and FFXI you can simply log in the game on the SquareEnix official server.

You can choose to manual update FFXI downloading the update files (and then the Phantasia patch). Using the manual update you will do it much faster.

Download the updates File with all patches, updated at 23 feb 2016 in a single RAR : file1 (2.10 GB)

And the Last update file, updated 5 Apr 2016. file2 (86.7 MB)

Unrar the files in the game folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\ (if you don’t changed it during the installation)

Download the Phantasia Patch:

Pantasia Patch

extract the archive in the game folder (as the other patches) and Check Files.

Launch Playonline and use “Check Files” and chose to check Pol, then Final Fantasy XI game files. When the Check Files ends, click on Repair Files (it can take so long)

3 – Last setup for FFXI Phantasia Server.

FFXI is ready, now we need to configure the client to play on Phantasia. You will need Windower and XIloader.

Download XIloader: xiloader

Copy XIloader.exe in the POL folder C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer (if you not changed it during the installation).

Click the right mouse button and choose Properties then chose Compatibility and select Run this program as Administrator, then OK and close.

Download Windower 4: Windower4

Install Windower 4 then launch it. Click on the  +  in lower left (the green zone) to create a new profile. In the upper side, where it says “New Profile 1” change it with another name (like “Phantasia”). Click on the upper-right arrow to back in the main window. If you want, you can also click the pin icon to create an icon on your desktop. When done, exit Windower.

Now you need to modify the configuration file to make the game point to Phantasia server. If you prefer, you can replace it with our configuration file attached (extract): Settings

Extract in Windower 4 folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower (if you don’t changed it during the installation) .

If you choose to modify the Windower settings file Go in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower\ folder (if you don’t changed it during the installation) Find the file settings.xml and open with Notepad. Find the part starting with <profile name=”Phantasia”> until </profile> , copy and replace with the follow:

  <profile name="Phantasia">
   <args>--server ffxi-server.ga</args>

Save and close the file. Now you are ready to create your account in Phantasia Server.

Launch Windower and click on Phantasia profile, or click on the Phantasia icon in your desktop if you created it(with pin button in Windower).

If everything is working fine, XIloader window will open like in picture.

The prompt will ask you to create your account or login. Press 2 to create your account.

Now insert your Username and your Password(twice).

When done, FFXI will finally start and you can create your character.

If you want to transfer your character from another server you must apply here: transfer

For your next Login.

In the next login to FFXI Phantasia Server, XIloader will ask for your Username and Password again. You can insert your data in Windower settings to speedup the process and login automatically.

Locate the settings.xml in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower\ folder (if you not changed it during the installation) and open it with notepad (like did before)

find the row


and replace it with

 <args>--server --user <yourusername> --pass <yourpassword></args>

If you created the icon, you can add your username and password in the icon’s properties > Shortcut > Target, you will find:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower\windower.exe -p=”Phantasia” –executable=xiloader.exe -args=” –server″

Add your data like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower\windower.exe -p=”Phantasia” –executable=xiloader.exe -args=” –server –user <yourusername> –pass <yourpassword>”

Of course change <yourusername> with your username and <yourpassword> with your password

If you want another account you can simply create another profile in Windower.


For this game you can find every information in the page FFXIclopedia [6]

For other customized stuffs, check here: customized stuffs

if you have found some errors you can check here: common issue

Thank you and Good Game!

FFXI Phantasia Staff