Server info

Final Fantasy XI Unofficial Server

Server Features

  • Level cap 99.
  • All Maps and Outposts Unlocked.
  • Explorer Moogle 3 cities, Selbina, Mahura.
  • EXP 4x Retail.
  • Books and Quest 5x Exp Retail.
  • Crafting/Combat Skill chance to level up: 5x Retail.
  • Crafting/Combat Skill ammount level up: 3x Retail.
  • Small regen/refresh/regain with buff to level 75.
  • Weaponskill points to unlock weapons 5x Retail.
  • No day, direction, moon matter to craft.
  • All Jobs have Widescan.
  • Fame 10x Retail.
  • Drop rates are slightly increased.
  • Gil dropped are increased.
  • Multiple EXP ring allowed. No wait time to get another.
  • Custom commands enabled for players.
  • COP uncapped.
  • Limbus/Dynamis everyday
  • Character Speed slightly increased.
  • Custom Shops and AF upgrader.
  • Signet, Sigil, Sanction give Regen, Refresh, Regain, Reraise to players.
  • Weekly stocked AH.
  • Others slightly improvements.
  • Powered up Kings with new drops.

Please also note this is not intended to be an easy mode server.


Custom commands:

!ah   you can open the auction house menu everywhere.

!tele-dem    teleport dem spell to every players

!tele-mea    teleport mea spell to every players

!tele-holla    teleport holla spell to every players

!shop     GM Shop with usefull items

!mog     Opens the mog house menu everywhere.

!af3   Custom Shop to buy Empyreal Armor (AF3) nq version.

!af3-2 Custom Shop to buy Empyreal Armor (AF3) nq version (part 2).


Custom Drops

You can find new NM drops here: NM drops


Custom NPC/Vendor: 

Custom Features



To transfer your character from another server apply here: Apply


FFXI Phantasia server Rules:

You can run multiple accounts/characters at the same time, except in Dynamis and Limbus areas (serious bugs which can crash the server there).


Unacceptable Behavior

  • Intentional use of a monster to kill another player (aka an MPK).
  • Breaking or circumventing normal game mechanics/physics.
  • Breaking or circumventing Level Sync.
  • Breaking level cap in battlefields.
  • Intentionally crashing, or attempting to crash the server.
  • Dualboxing in Limbus or Dynamis.
  • Any language that condemns any race, color, religion, nationality, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Any language, character name, or Linkshell name that is purposely meant to harm or harass other players.



Bots are allowed only when the use will not break the normal game of other players like Claim bots when you are waiting for a NM spawn and have other players in competition with you. It’s a private server and we are few players.

Cure bots are allowed in any case (and suggested due to a shortage of WHM on the server)

  • Speedhack
  • Wallhack
  • Warp

Are not allowed because can crash the server.



If you find any exploits PM a GM with details of the possible exploit as soon as possible, you will be rewarded.



You can make donations throug our shop and you will receive in-game items or currency as reward.