Transfer Apply

Final Fantasy XI Unofficial Server

You can decide to transfer your character from Square Enix official server or the most famous unofficial servers. 

We actually don’t have a automatic process so a GM have to make it for you. To make the character most similar to the original one, you have to specify which server is and send us some screenshots. Before this you have to create your account and your Character. Quest Missions and Rank will not be transfered.


Screenshots needed:

  • Status > Jobs 
  • Status > Crafts
  • Gil (not all Gills will be transfered)
  • A screen with an item set. (Menù > Equipment  or Alt-E)
  • A screen of /sea all command result


You are warned

  • The Combat skills will be not transfered. 
  • Quests, missions, rank will not be transfered.
  • Gil cap is 1.000.000
  • Only 1 item set will be transfered.
  • Only 1 character per player will be transfered.


For any special requests or information leave a PM to any GM.

Please compile this form: